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Message from God to you murderers

14-6-2012, Thu 3:06 PM

You have been murdering people to the extent that taking someone’s life no longer means anything to you.


Taking another’s life to you is now fun, you kill all in the name of politics, money and battle for power and position. You take another’s life without even batting an eye.


You forget so easily, the same God who created you also created all the people you have killed. Remember what happened to Cain after he murdered his brother Abel. There was no longer peace for him until the day of his death.


God has sent me to you that you will no longer know peace from  today just like Cain did not know peace again from the day he took the life of Abel, God says you will not know peace again except if you repent of your sins now.


What a pity, God says the end is very close for you except if you hearken to Him now and repent of your murderous acts.


Ezekiel 35: 6 says, “As surely as I live, says the Sovereign Lord, since you show no distaste for blood, I will give you bloodbath of your own. Your turn has come!


Go says He will deal mercilessly with you and even extend it to your family members, unless you repent of your sins; your killing and murdering.


God’s words cannot change, because they are ye and amen. Repent now and be saved.